Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inspired By: Style Bubble's Lovies of Mine

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Last week, Style Bubble challenged her readers to collage some of their favorite lovies (things you don't need on a practical level, but you absolutely LOVE). And so, bored on a 10 PM Saturday night, I decided to balls up to her challenge.

1) Luella for Target top. I can't even begin to tell you how versatile this thing is. It's the perfect loungey top, good for wearing over shirts, and even saved my ass in a pinch (who knew it was such a good top for an Oktoberfest party?)

2) Vintage faux fur hat. It's odd how many people have included furry hats in their lovies, but I can't do any type of hardcore studying without it. Whenever I've got them pom poms tied under my neck, my roommates know I'm about to pull an all-nighter.

3) Lobster beater. I just love it. I have no idea why. I bought it at Everyday People in Minneapolis, and I thought it was someone's handiwork, but I saw some girl wearing the exact same lobster on a sweatshirt in Santa Cruz.

4)Red pencil skirt. I feel like a hot secretary in it. And I keep wearing it, no matter how many times I have to keep sewing up the seams when it rips on BART.

5) Vintage silk dress. It was my mother's and there's this amazing picture of her in it with these white pumps, straw hat and a lace parasol.

6) Gold slipons. Of course they'd be on here :)

7) Denim/jersey hoodie. Most people who see it are all "Pink denim? Zipped hoodie? Squish white football uniformy stripes? Really, Connie?" And I'm all, "Yeah?"

8) Jaws pendant necklace. I bought this for fifty cents at the Ashby flea market.

9) Miles Davis shirt. I designed this shirt for my high school jazz club. Yeah. I know. I was in jazz band in high school, WANNA FIGHT?

10) Gold Marc Jacobs wallet. I just bought this and it's already scratched up. I've got bling on my wallet even if there's no bling on the inside :(

11) Vintage leather boots. I found this at an old lady consignment store amidst Mom jeans, Liz Clairborne discards and sensible shoes.

12) H&M pendant. It goes with everything.

13) Red batwing top. Also my mother's.

14) Yellow luggage bag. It doubles as a backpack, and I actually use it as a (gasp) luggage bag. Plus, I don't have many yellow things.

15) Target fur collared vest. It's very Michael Kors FW03 (don't ask).


lc said...

kate spade has some lobster-themed stuff (natch):

and i would KILL for one of those miles shirts.

Candid Cool said...

That vintage silk dress is fabulous!
And I know what you mean about #15.

brookiebee843 said...

LOVE 5, 6, and 14

Andrea said...

Oh you, you're hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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