Monday, June 4, 2007

Fresh Junk: Built by Wendy goes Nautical

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I tried out the nautical theme back in 01' when it reared its ugly striped head with wide bell bottomed pants and deck shoes. This, was of course, an awful decision, as my thirteen year old self couldn't even pull off a t-shirt, let alone a unfortunate lacy-ish red and white striped top. Ever since, I've developed a distaste for all things nautical--that is, until I saw Built by Wendy's Spring 2007 line. My favorites: the printed dress, boyish tees, deck shoes and the bibbed top.

(Also, sorry for it's been pretty quiet on the blogging front--I've just moved into my new apartment and I've been busy putting together Ikea furniture and scrubbing away the filth.)


Sarah said...

hey... check out this colorblock tee i found at urban

(the one in white)

much love

connie said...

mmmm love love love the second one

wait. it's only $24. why am i not buying this RIGHT NOW?

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