Friday, June 1, 2007

Check the Hottie: Nicole M

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There's that certain je ne sais quoi about Californian girls that I can't seem to pin down--they can look unbelievably stylish yet effortless in something that would make me, for example, look like yesturday's dishwater. Whatever that something is, Nicole's got it. Want to steal her look? Look for sundresses and printed separates at American Apparel and H&M (as well as little boutiquey vintage stores), but if you really want to copy her closet, you might have to travel a bit. Most of her shopping is done during the summers--her favorite pieces are from Ebase (a Xi'an, China based shop).


scarlettholly said...

she's rocking the headband and sunglasses look. coooool.

Kerri said...

i LOVE ebase, its a really funky shop and you can get things for super cheap.

Greer said...

Does she have a blog?