Saturday, June 16, 2007

Check the Hottie: Ari

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I have mad respect for all my girls out in the blogosphere, but one particular blogger has got me all wobbly kneed over her fine wordwmithing and original content. I'm talking about the snarkiest fashion blogger of our generation--Ari from Visconti is Me (or the Asian Leprechon for you old schoolers). Why I love Ari: "An outfit isn't a Reader's Digest. It shouldn't be a representation of multiple designers with varying influences- otherwise you look like the latest issue of NEO2 featuring Cory Kennedy. Hagsville!" Find jewel-tone jersey, Carmino Campus bags, and wingtips from APC, H&M, UO, Vintage Alaia and Sass and Bide.


Gryphon said...

I love you.

Donna said...

And I love both of you.

AL was great, I remember a bunch of people commenting and saying how mean Ari was, great times.