Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's What: According to Hipsters

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You know that the cobrasnake and his crew were getting tired of the skinny jean and gold chains while we were still drooling over our new bootlegs. But, you also know that hipsters are "so over" trends right when you see more than two other waif-y types wearing the same thing at yesturday night's Jena Malone concert. Taking that rule into hand, I've compiled a list of things I saw more than once, and things I didn't. Out includes white lensless rims (or lensless rims for that matter) and those ubiquitous American Apparel sweatshirts. In? Apparently the Duran Duran shirt, hair lariats and those platform sneakers you wore in the 5th grade.


Anonymous said...

you seem to be really obsessed with the cobrasnake ... what makes those people so fashionable? i think it's boring.

connie said...

It's one slice of the pie, anon. What's What will feature in's and out's from all demogs. Stay tuned!