Saturday, May 12, 2007

Really Obsessed With: My Tax Returns

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So I fucked up my taxes and basically, instead of being refunded the hundred and some dollars like I was supposed to, I received a sob-worthy stupid thirty one dollars. But hey, it's still a free $31 (if you disregard that it was mine to begin with). So, to celebrate, I'm eyeing a few things: a leotard from American Apparel, those sweet boots from Urban or scarf top from Urban, or a bouquet of flowers for Mommy Legit for Mother's Day. Thoughts?


a blonderedhead said...

That scarf top is fabulous, but I've been on a strange show kick lately so I would say the boots.

Ada said...


scarlettholly said...

Boots! Flowers! Anything but the leotard!!