Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Colorblocks

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Colorblock t-shirts were pretty boss in the 80's, but they've been relegated to the bottoms of your mother's drawers along with her stonewash and nylon. However, cobrasnakers and misshapers have been slowly breaking these gems out. Wear these with monocolor pieces in complementary colors. From left to right: Spring and Clifton, I forget (whoops), American Apparel leotard and unisex shirt.


Anonymous said...



donna said...

colourblocking isn't that bad but i guess the colours just have to be right. still really enjoy reading your blog!!

xochitl said...

i started reading this too fast and read "colorblocking t-shirts" as "cockblocking t-shirt". im not too sure what a cockblocking t-shirt would be, but i think a blog is in order.