Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Big Bangles

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Imagine this: you're wearing a new white eyelet slip with the most adorably cut sailor shorts and a pair of sweet flats. You look in the mirror and you almost vomit of sacchirine overdose. What do you do? You grab for your badass pile of bangles. Go a couple of gauges bigger so you can slip one over your elbow and wear it a la Cleopatra, or pile them on as a throwback to those good ol' friendship bracelet days. Forever21 makes it easy to indulge in this obsession, and at all under $10, buy one for every day of the week.


donna said...

ahhh (screaming of joy)!! i seriously had no idea forever21 made such cute bangles. i've been looking for a vita bangle look-a-like and you found it!! there is one problem wrists are too small.

lauren said...

i've been really into all things rhinestone lately. that one on the left is adorably gaudy :D