Monday, April 30, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Nerdy Watches

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I'm a nerd at heart. Sometimes, all I want to do is watch NOVA specials or reading about statistical data, and there's honestly few things that get me as excited as finishing an especially nasty integration problem or figuring out how to calculate the buoyancy of a block of wood. That said, I'm not a fan of the short sleeved button up or socks and sandals found on a lot of my nerdy peers. But, something that I can get excited about are these watches. Rock it old school with a Casio calculator, go minimalist with a Cosmos Oops, or for those hardcore geeks--the Kerala Trance LED watch reads the time in binary. Heck yes!


lalaliu said...

golly gee that Casio calculator watch is soo awesome. what a perfect little device to sneak into a math test. nerds unite!

love your blog by the way :)

John from Grand Haven, MI said...

does casio make ANYTHING cool? i think not. even the name sounds cheap.

Anonymous said...

I bet the casio watch is smarter than john from grand heaven, mi

jared said...

at least John from Grand HAVEN can read.

Yale said...

We are thinking of rebranding our site so that TT appeals to cool nerds and those who appreciate what nerds do despite all conventional pushback. And much in accord with Prof. Sussman's... "My idea is to present an image to children that it is good to be intellectual, and not to care about the peer pressures to be anti-intellectual. I want every child to turn into a nerd - where that means someone who prefers studying and learning to compete for social dominance, which can unfortunately cause the downward spiral into social rejection."

Do you have any suggestions?

Warm regards,