Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mad Delusions: The Donovan by Mike and Chris

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I've been have scouring local shops and such for an affordable, fitted, hooded, black leather jacket. And really, is that so much to ask for? Too bad I found it at the Mike and Chris website. Meet Donovan. He's fitted. Hooded. Come in an array of colors (including black). And $668. Which makes him just $618 out of my price range. Typical, right? You meet the man of your dreams, and he's unattainable. Myyyy liiiiifeee. Whyyyy?


Joanne said...

Haha, I hella feel you on the "unattainable" thing (be it man, hoodie, dress, car, computer, lipstick, cell phone, or whatever). Curse being a "nice" middle-class college student! >_<

Rachelle said...

I think that the whole hooded thing on leather jackets is relatively new so you might have a hard time thrifting that particular item but I'm sure you can find a rockin jacket like the one you showed without the hood. Good luck with your hunt!

MOLLY GRAY said...

amazing love.. i adore..
+molly g.+

The Frocker said...

I've just stopped looking at anything by Mike and Chris, because inevitably, it's about 800% more than I can pay for a sweatshirt/leather jacket/ANYTHING.

I feel your pain *tear*

Support group, maybe?

Brittany said...

You should look on ebay. I just bought a brown leather fitted hooded jacket for 30 bucks. They usually have a good amount if you search for them!