Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just Purchased: Girlprops Jewelry

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I'm not really an accessories type of girl (unless you count my unhealthy collecting of sunglass). I keep all my sad jewelry in a sad sad jewelry case that remains, sadly, parked on top of my bookshelf. However, inspired by all the rad gold jewelry over at girlprops, I think I might have to start becoming one. Pendant necklances, animal motifs, bad-ass door knocker earings: yes yes yes yes yes. And at only a few dollars a pop, I can afford to buy them all.


lauren said...

i just went to the girlprops store while i was in NY! the store is adorable. the outside is painted zebra print & inside its absolutely filled to the brim with jewelry. an accessory lover's paradise


Sandra from Sweden said...

OMG! They ship to Sweden! I'm totally in heaven!!