Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fresh Junk: Backpacks

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Ladies and gentlemen, speak forth, and the industry will listen. Years of complaining that backpacks were made for function and definately not for fashion have finally reached the merchendising moguls, and now, I guess for the first time in years, we can finally throw out our impractical messenger bags and totes. No more backpain! No more busted straps! No more walking too quickly and shamefully when you have to lug around your fugly misshapen black backpack! Rejoice fellow readers! The rapture has come!

(btw, these are all Eastpak's)


Andrea said...

Finally! Backpacks are getting some love. I kind of prefer the Jansport ones though.

Anonymous said...

Could you get another pic of Casey from "Check the hottie" a lond time ago? I really like it!