Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Current Threads: Tuesday Shuffle

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My Tuesdays may be the dullest of all my weekdays, and with a discussion canceled and two additional free hours, I've almost reached coma-inducing level of ennui. To spice things up, I've donned my EXCITING lobster beater (!) and my FABULOUS seersucker shorts (!!!), and topped it off with my CRAZY jean shirt (!!!OMFG!!!!@11). If that won't do it, then the three different decongestive meds I'm on might do the trick. Oh bother.

Forever 21 Shorts
Vintage Beater (does anyone know who makes this---I've seen someone else with a lobster sweatshirt and didn't get a chance to ask her)
Vintage Levi Jean Shirt


lauren said...

whoa we think alike! haha i hae those exact forever 21 seersucker shorts & minnetonka moccasins as well! crazy


Anonymous said...

Haha, i was about to say that too. I have the very same shorts on right now ... kudos :)

Anonymous said...

Where can we see you wearing this stuff? How about a photo?