Saturday, April 14, 2007

Current Threads: Getting My Life Together

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Papers + tests + house hunting + job searching = one frizzy frazzy Connie. But, after a week of some intese "getting shit done", I can lay back and finally enjoy the fruits of my effort. One sicky sick internship? Check. One four-bedroom "cottage" with potential? Cheeeckk. One weekend free of obligations? OMG check check check!!! So, in celebration of prettylegit's 100th post I'd like to thank everyone who checks this page. It's only been a little more than three months, and this blog has turned into something much more than I thought'd it be. Stay tuned, I'm working on some new ideas and the next 100 posts are sure to be exciting!

H&M Shirtdress
UO jacket
Knee socks
Vintage boots


Jamie said...

Congrats on the internship! It sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff going on. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the blog!

donna said...

congrats on everything!! i've only read 100 of your posts? seriously feels a lot more. can't for everything to slow down so you can update more!! sadly, i still have a few exams to finish up.

Brittany said...

As a college student, fellow blogger, and fashion junkie I love your blog as well as this outfit. Keep up the great work!