Thursday, April 5, 2007

Check the Hottie: Casey C

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Fashion can be found in every nook and cranny of the US. Case in point: Casey C. Hailing from the midwestern plains of the University of Minnesota, Casey proves that even though you might find yourself surrounded by Abercrombie Queens, you can still have crazy mad style. Casey rocks sweet dresses, unexpected patterns and Holly Golightly-on-acid aethetics better than anyone. Two thumbs up Case--it's not often that someone gets us at prettylegit saying "Dayum girl, why you gotta look so cuute?"


Gryphon said...

She's gorgeous! Where does she shop?

connie said...

A mix of anthropologie and urban... lots of vintage and she says she adores free people :)

Anonymous said...

you should see her in person!

-love anonymousmattstolteyourfriend :)


she is adorable! looove her style and unique twists on outfits!

xoxo, lauren

Ada said...

She's hella fashionable and cute! Those dresses are hot.