Sunday, March 4, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Tab Energy Drink

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I've been resorting to massive amounts of aids to help me stay up through the night to finish homework (or watch a season of good eats followed by rereads of the New Yorker). The student store a few blocks down has a nice selection of energy drinks, but I'm partial to Tab---wikipedia says it tastes "reminiscent of a liquid Jolly Rancher", but I think it tastes reminiscent of me not falling asleep on top of my laptop keyboard. I'm slightly put off by their advertising campaign (A deliciously pink, low-carb energy drink because it's hard work being fabulous --- for serious, wtf?), and their website is annoying as hell, but it's the only energy drink that doesn't make me thizz face everywhere.


Q said...

I thought I was the only one addicted to this shit. Tasty and works better than coffee. Although I do notice that I'm having to drink 3 bottles to get its original caffeine-like effect. =P

Your blog is maaaaaaaaad stylin'.

Style IT said...

Hey doll,

I can't agree with you more! I love the taste of Tab's energy drink. There's something just blissfully pink about the taste!

In other news, I've completely misplaced your email address. Would you be a dear and email me?


Osta said...

Love tab - a while back I got a 12 case for 12 dollars, it made my week, but then I forgot about it until last week's midterms. Best when ice cold, I think

Gryphon said...

Anything's better than the rancid cough syrup simulation that is Red Bull.

Anonymous said...

Red Bull is the King, All other energy drinks are bitches