Thursday, March 1, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Gladiator Sandels

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I've got really weird toes. No, like really. They kind of have this problem where they don't really want to touch one another so it makes flip flop wearing quite difficult. That's why me and gladiator sandels are in some kind of heavy relationship with one another. They're leather's kind of boho, the straps gives them a kinky edge. Plus, your toes don't have to do no grippin' and sweatin'. And, say a rampant lion decides it wants to harsh your mellow, history's proven that gladiator sandels are perfect for getting the hell out of there (try doing that with your Havianas). Words of warning: avoid the ones that lace all the way up your legs---you don't want to be mistaken for a Russell Crowe sycophant.


Anonymous said...

one of those pairs, the strappiest tan one, is actually a mexican shoe called a "huarache". theyre actually originally made from tires. another blog i read fromt he uk got the shoes wrong as well. they were worn by a bunch of celebs 2 summers ago.

Anonymous said...

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