Saturday, March 10, 2007

Prep the Themester: Foam Party

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My worldly friends tell me that foam parties are pretty standard in Germany. And really, there's nothing more satisfying than reliving those childhood memories of splashing around in your parent's giant whirlpool surrounded by bubbles, decapitated Barbie dolls and measuring cups. Now replace the dolls and cups with random red cups and drunk frat boys and you've got yourself a run of the mill foam party. This may be the only time when dressing slutty is slightly utilitarian, but remember to wear shoes with backs---it's nearly impossible to find a missing flip flop among the foam. But the cardinal rule to foam parties? SHOWER AFTERWARDS (unless you want to get scabies, ringworm, or a bad case of the nasties).

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Gryphon said...

Hot tub Scattegory parties are the Midwestern version