Friday, March 2, 2007

Mad Delusions: Dover Street Market Duds

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I've always been drawn to mannish inspired clothing. Blazers, old sweatshirts, loafers, cardigans, if you see it on a geriatric fuddy duddy, I've probably thought about wearing it. The best thing about Dover Street Market is that they've got all these fantastic separates for men that women could dress in too. Marc Jacobs sweatshirts, Comme de Garcon's pants, and this Tretorn Strand Skagenrora Shoe Box Set which features a plain white right shoe and three choices for the left (grapefruit, oysters in the half shell and a lime and shrimp, wtf?) But the fact that it's located in the UK? Muuh, poop.


Anonymous said...

you really had me going there; iw as totally thinking it was in sfo.

Laura & Tierney said...

wait. you got mad at me for my man pants. and you blogged about man clothes. now i hate you a lot. you should give me more credit.

connie said...

Fashion is fickle, what can I say?