Monday, March 26, 2007

Fresh Junk: Libertine and Patrick Robinson for Target Go International

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Um. Well. What I can say is kudos for Target for picking a wide variety of designers. Patrick Robinson's line, which will be debuting this summer, is full of neutral tones and damask prints. They've got a nice collection of wearable beachwear, but it's really nothing to wet your panties over. And although I was itching to see the new Libertine's collection up at Target's Image Album, the pieces are a little...well...since one of prettylegit's cardinal rules is to avoid the hating, let's just say that I didn't say that this collection reminds me of an annoying 8th grade punk rawker who looks towards Cher Horowitz and the "Just Like You" American Girl Dolls for fashion inspiration.


Anonymous said...

They are called Dolls of Today, and they have AMAZING fashion sense thank you very much, they can even totally pull off leggings if they wanted to

Anonymous said...

You confuse me Prettylegit. There are American Girl Dolls and My Twinn dolls. Which are you talking about?

connie said...

The American Doll webpage says they're called the "Just Like You" dolls. And yes. I do frequent the American Doll webpage.