Friday, March 30, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Weleda Skin Food

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Crusty. Moist. Flaky. It's funny how when you get sick, words used to describe your favorite pastry can be used to describe the underside of your nose (yay)! To take care of this mildly embarassing situation, I've taken out my favorite heavy-duty moisturizer: Weleda Skin Food for Extra Dry Skin. Usually, I use it on my heels or elbows during the winter when I need some help in the smoothy-skin department. But in this can't-go-out-the-door-because-gurlyougottapeelingredmustache-take-care-of-that situation, it's a life saver. Words of warning: a little goes a long way. Use sparingly to avoid looking like a greaseball.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Day-Lab Jewelry

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Yours truly here at prettylegit finally caved in after a week of coughing and hacking and visited the doctor. Surprisingly, I found that it wasn't due to a cold or the flu, but rather pneumonia. Maybe it's just me but I classified pnemonia with those archaic malodys, like cholera, or typhoid, or falling off your wagon. And perhaps that why I'm so drawn towards day-lab's quaint Oregon-trailish jewelry. While I'm sure that my antibiotics will take care of this in a few days, I'm not quite sure how thrilled I am to be carrying a Kleenex box and chamomile tea around instead of a beach tote and magazine during my spring break.

Fresh Junk: Gold Jazz Shoes

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I'm glad to see that the whole ballet inspired thing is getting a well deserved rest. It's high time for the other dance branches to get a little face time. First off: jazz. How surprising would it be to see a pair of these gold babies peeking out from beneath some grey skinnies and a breezy floral top?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Plaid Dresses

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As the perfect outfit for a date with the Brawny man, a plaid dress is a must-have for any girl who likes to get down and dirty (and then clean it up). I picked up two at H&M this weekend (upper left corner - $15 each). I can see myself in them already, lounged out in a soft meadow somewhere, annoying the birdies around me with a grassblade whistle. And then, behold! Over the hills traipse my ruddy-faced man. "Why madam" Brawny says as he reaches into his pocket for an absorbant wipe. "You've got a bit of blueberry jam on your lip." Create your own idyllic delusions with these (from left) by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Forever 21 and Topshop.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Check the Hottie: Me?

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For lack of a better label for this post, I'm completely submitting to my bad habit of self-adoration. Brad at the lovely has taken me on as the site's "fashion girl". I'm completely flattered and urge all you readers to check me out at Don't worry, prettylegit's still going to be updated daily, but check junk-mag for a compilation of all your must read musings on music, entertainment, party scenes and now, fashion!

Fresh Junk: Libertine and Patrick Robinson for Target Go International

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Um. Well. What I can say is kudos for Target for picking a wide variety of designers. Patrick Robinson's line, which will be debuting this summer, is full of neutral tones and damask prints. They've got a nice collection of wearable beachwear, but it's really nothing to wet your panties over. And although I was itching to see the new Libertine's collection up at Target's Image Album, the pieces are a little...well...since one of prettylegit's cardinal rules is to avoid the hating, let's just say that I didn't say that this collection reminds me of an annoying 8th grade punk rawker who looks towards Cher Horowitz and the "Just Like You" American Girl Dolls for fashion inspiration.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just Purchased: Cheap Sunglasses

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My first conscious day after landing in the midwest (a girl's gotta sleep, you know?) --- and I spend it at the Mall of America. Containing four stories of over five hundred stores, the Mall of America might be considered the mecca of consumption. It boasts two roller coasters, an aquarium, a college, a church and a wedding chapel---which might make it actually a little intense for those who just want to, you know, shop. But being a MOA frequenter, I know the stores I need to hit and the quickest routes to take to avoid the gaggles of midwestern tourists. One of the must-stops? Forlove21, a strictly accessories store by the much loved Forever21. I picked up two pairs of sunglasses that up my stunna collection to 9. But at $5 a pop, I should feel a little less guilty, right?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Channeling: Fat Elvis

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Now I'm not saying that skinny Elvis wasn't damn fine. Gurl, you know I'm all about that violent-hoolahooping pelv-dance and that cardi/white slack combo. But come on, there's really something so endearing about a fatter Elvis singing twangy love songs with one hand tucked Napoleon style inside his bedazzled jumpsuit and the other swinging a sweaty silk scarf in the air. Try it yourself with a metallic dress and a white jacket. You can find those stunnas at any mildly hip thrift store near you. And if you're going all authentic on this one, don't forget the finishing touch: a peanut butter and banana (and bacon and butter) sandwich (in a hollowed out loaf of bread). Mmm.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fresh Junk: Patterned Tights

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First off, apologies for the blog-dio silence---I had a gnarly poli sci midterm that I had to keep from kicking my ass. Secondly, and unrelated-ly, I've gotten ohmygod so bored with my black leggings + patterned top combo, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in this. "But prettylegit," you say. "I like the way that leggings and a long shirt look. How can I keep rocking this aesthetically pleasing two-thumbs-up silhouette without looking like a yawn?" Oh readers, it's easy! Just pattern your leggings and keep the top plain. Visit sevennewyork and get some from Jeremy Scott and Bernhard Willhelm for yourself.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fresh Junk: Thick Rims

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My mother used to wear this really gnarly pair of glasses. They were a deep red that graduated towards a nice pinky pink at her nose. They were thick, plastic and magnified her eyes which gave her this funny bewildered look (oh, and did I mention that it came with a cord that hung around her neck?) The best part of it was that I was blessed with a matching pair in the second grade. If only I knew how big they'd be now, I could have totally shut stupid Chase Stevens up: "Uh, you know what Chase? These are so going to be popular with all the Misshapes/Cobrasnake photog whores in like, eleven years, so shut up and give me back my Tamogatchi." Just make sure you actually need glasses before you rock these: there's nothing tackier than lensless rims.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Roadtesting Trends: The Backwards Cardigan

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Some glossy said that our grandmothers used to BAMF it up by wearing their nubby cardigans backwards. While this basically transforms your ho hum cardi top to a ho hum sweater top, you can get something a lot more interesting by turning your deep V necked cardigans around. The front turns into a collarbone grazing modern dress, and the back? WHAM BAM - a gigantic V cuts down to the small of your back. Simple enough to pull together in a minute, hot enough to knock the socks off anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse from behind. Who knew Grams could be so foxy?

Celebrate Good Times: St. Patty's

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This post may be a bit post-mature (I know it's not a word but after a night of straight celebration, it seems like a pretty good option to me), but St. Patty's is seriously one of my favorite holidays. Irish car bombs, everyone wearing my favorite color, angry irish kidding, nothing sounds like a better time. Be sure to wear your lucky somethings (in my case, it's my lucky sharks face necklace), and keep it classy with a cute green blouse.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Locher's

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Having had two Locher's encounters in a day, I felt it was fitting to showcase a bit of fashion hilarity. Teenfashionista did a great bit on embroidered tops, and with the sun shining (at least in Cali, anyways) I've been wearing my Paul and Joe for Target black Heidi top to death. Locher's presents the classic embroidered shirt and serves it with a side of crass. Embroiderd from left: "I Hate Children", "Cute Little Fuckers", "Will Fuck for Shoes". Wear them with short shorts (smirk optional).

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fresh Junk: Jeremy Scott

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A favorite of LA scenesters, Jeremy Scott collections takes old school 80's hip hop and adapts them to some pretty off the wall themes. Overly literal, and nauseatingly snarky -- they almost push that point of clothes you hate to love. I could probably do without his Knight Life collection (think Tupac + Sir Lancelot) or his King Tut collection (think Fresh Prince +, well, King Tut), but his Food Fight collection? Hell, I've been thinking Mickey D's all my life. Mr. Scott? You can make mine a supersize.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fresh Junk: B&W

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So I published this post a few hours ago to the tune of "oh looook, this scarf's really cute, and blah blah", but thanks to anonymous, I was pointed towards an article about the heavy connotations the shemagh scarf (also known as the kaffiyeh) has. (You can read the article here ). I considered removing this post in its entirety as it might be misconstrued as a political or ethnic statement. In the end, I decided to keep it up. Most often than not, people see fashion as a vapid, self-indulgent niche of society, and when things are worn solely for their aesthetics and their history is ignored, I'm afraid that that's all fashion can be. Hopefully the controversy will shed some light on the responsibilities that we as consumers share. Please read the article before you go buy something like this. The biggest faux pas you can make is to be misinformed.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Prep the Themester: Foam Party

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My worldly friends tell me that foam parties are pretty standard in Germany. And really, there's nothing more satisfying than reliving those childhood memories of splashing around in your parent's giant whirlpool surrounded by bubbles, decapitated Barbie dolls and measuring cups. Now replace the dolls and cups with random red cups and drunk frat boys and you've got yourself a run of the mill foam party. This may be the only time when dressing slutty is slightly utilitarian, but remember to wear shoes with backs---it's nearly impossible to find a missing flip flop among the foam. But the cardinal rule to foam parties? SHOWER AFTERWARDS (unless you want to get scabies, ringworm, or a bad case of the nasties).

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just Purchased: Buffalo Exchange Extravaganza

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I don't know what about luggage bags that makes me go weak at the knees. All I know is that this fashion itch is only scratched by those fly carryalls. This American Express one gives kind of a snarky nod to my sick spending habits. I like it because it's roomy enough to carry my laptop and junk, but still small enough that I can use for the weekends. The sunglasses are just an impulse purchase (and damnit, now I have 3 pairs of white sunglasses). And the cords? They're just cute, and yesMomIknowIshouldsavemoremoney.

And readers, dearest gentlewomen and ladies whose geniuses are only surpassed by your good looks, please take a moment to fill out the survey to your right. Shpanks!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fresh Junk: Dr. Martens

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Sienna Miller is just like that girl in middle school who did her hair in that painfully cool zig zap part and carried her shit around in that Easter basket shaped like an elephant head (jesus that's so ingenious). So, okay, maybe not all school's had Siri Allens, but everyone knew that girl with those patterned Docs who always left the laces untied and flopping around her ankles. Pull a Siri yourself, and dust off your old pair. Update them by wearing them with something short and pretty so you don't look like an extra from the Babysitter's Club movie.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Really Obsessed With: My Homie

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I first saw my homie while I was walking out of Ace Hardware. He was cute, kinda chubby, and dressed in a simple white tee, grey pants and black shoes. My eyes met his, and that was it. Fifty cents later, Bobby Loco was mine. Bobby's been chillin' and thrillin' with me for a few days now, and although some may not approve of our relationship ("Connie, really. I can't believe you bought that"), I think it's love. Loco and his other Homies' stories can be found at Pick your own up at locations next to bubble gum / plastic ring / fake tattoo dispensers.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Tab Energy Drink

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I've been resorting to massive amounts of aids to help me stay up through the night to finish homework (or watch a season of good eats followed by rereads of the New Yorker). The student store a few blocks down has a nice selection of energy drinks, but I'm partial to Tab---wikipedia says it tastes "reminiscent of a liquid Jolly Rancher", but I think it tastes reminiscent of me not falling asleep on top of my laptop keyboard. I'm slightly put off by their advertising campaign (A deliciously pink, low-carb energy drink because it's hard work being fabulous --- for serious, wtf?), and their website is annoying as hell, but it's the only energy drink that doesn't make me thizz face everywhere.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Current Threads: Spinto the the City

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The Spinto Band opened for We Are Scientists last semester, and unlike most band openers, they didn't suck. In fact, they were pleasantly goofy, engaging, dance-y (yeah, I know, I can make words up if I want to) - and most importantly, their music had enough pop sensability to drench you in sugary melodies, but also had enough not-pop sensibility to make it not annoying. Getup for the concert includes a little polysester number strictly reserved for concerts (to let my pits and bits breathe, yaddadimean?) and gold shoes that are comfortable enough so I can rock the fuck out.

Vintage black shift dress
Target knit vest
Black belt
Steve Madden kicks

Friday, March 2, 2007

Mad Delusions: Dover Street Market Duds

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I've always been drawn to mannish inspired clothing. Blazers, old sweatshirts, loafers, cardigans, if you see it on a geriatric fuddy duddy, I've probably thought about wearing it. The best thing about Dover Street Market is that they've got all these fantastic separates for men that women could dress in too. Marc Jacobs sweatshirts, Comme de Garcon's pants, and this Tretorn Strand Skagenrora Shoe Box Set which features a plain white right shoe and three choices for the left (grapefruit, oysters in the half shell and a lime and shrimp, wtf?) But the fact that it's located in the UK? Muuh, poop.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Vintage Sweatshirts

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Unless you have a personal stylist and a batallion of people helping you look your best, none of us are capable of being fashionistas each and every day. That's why I keep a small stash of vintage sweatshirst for those days when I'm not feeling my best (read: hung over). What characterizes a vintage sweatshirt from just a plain one? It's got to be hoodless, thin, and form fitting. Shop around your local consignment stores and Salvation Army's for some unique sweats.

Fresh Junk: Fatty Font Tees

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Nodding back to the good ol' days of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, fashion houses are patting each other on the back with rhyming witticisms plastered on boxy tees (i.e. "Get Your Freakon Giles Decon", or "You the Shit, PrettyLegit"). This trend might be a little too fresh for me, but if you're looking to get your own, go vintage with a Frankie Says Relax one, or get a cheaper version of the ubiquitous Gareth Pugh's by checking out Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Balance out the volume with a pair of dark skinny jeans.

Really Obsessed With: Gladiator Sandels

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I've got really weird toes. No, like really. They kind of have this problem where they don't really want to touch one another so it makes flip flop wearing quite difficult. That's why me and gladiator sandels are in some kind of heavy relationship with one another. They're leather's kind of boho, the straps gives them a kinky edge. Plus, your toes don't have to do no grippin' and sweatin'. And, say a rampant lion decides it wants to harsh your mellow, history's proven that gladiator sandels are perfect for getting the hell out of there (try doing that with your Havianas). Words of warning: avoid the ones that lace all the way up your legs---you don't want to be mistaken for a Russell Crowe sycophant.