Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Roadtesting Trends: The High Waist

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You and I both know that the high waist is all over the runways, but you and I also know that we'd rather not see them all over, you know, each other. The fact is, almost no one but the absurdly tall and the tragically skinny can pull this look off without looking like a half exploded sausage left in its casing. If you eat more that lettuce, Diet Coke, Kleenex and cocaine, expect to see that little pooch of your stomache turn into a mountain of a pooch. But then again, we were all pretty skep of skinny jeans too. Pros of the high waist: they make your legs look super long, they kind of act as a control top (damnit I couldn't fit that third egg McMuffin in this morning), and there's no possible way plumber's crack can strike. Final verdict: eeennh. I got a kick out of zipping up my foot long fly, but it wasn't exactly comfortable to move around in. I'd do it again, but I'm sticking to my low rises for at least a season longer.

Thomas Pink button up
Vintage denim skirt
Target flats
Old Navy belt

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