Saturday, February 10, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Rainy Day Gear

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I'm pretty ok with Norcal's climate, but the constant rain during the winter is starting to bog me down. I wear my rainboots more than I wear any other shoes, and my umbrella is ALWAYS drying outside my door. But, just like Lau Lau told me as we stood dripping in the DC, she likes rainy days because she gets to check out all the different styles of rainboots and umbrellas. I'm pretty torn between which style I'm more down with: equestrian inspired Jeffrey Campbells, or the froggy Western Chief ones that my mom never let me have? The Burberry script umbrella, of the clear Marc Jacobs one (with that creepy-ass girl face that I'm in a kind of love/hate relationship with)? Decisions, decisions.

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