Friday, February 16, 2007

Fresh Junk: Tom's Shoes

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After wobbling through campus on another pair of shoes I'm trying to break in, I realized that my shoe wardrobe is desperately lacking comfortable shoes. Toms Shoes is not only the most comfortable looking pair of kicks that I've ever seen, but it's also for a good cause. For every pair Blake Mycoskie (the creater of Toms shoes) sells, he donates a pair to an Argentinian child in need. So pick up your own (and for $38, buy like, five?).


Anonymous said...

ha! this is a riot to see. i live in buenos aires and EVERYONE wears the, ppl, poor ppl, trendy ppl and untrendy grannies. they're called alpargatas and sell for about $USD 3.00 but hey its for a good cause, eh?

Anonymous said...

i bought a pair of the shoes, not to wear,but because it was for a good cause. i was going to give the pair i bought to someone that needed them. i never received the shoes,although my credit card was charged. i have called the phone number listed online with no response. i have also e-mail blake many times, without any response. mary pol

Anonymous said...

these shoes are AMAZINGLY comfy and for a great cause .
cant wait for my 2nd pair:)!!!!

viagra said...

These shoes are simple so I think they're perfect to carrying them to the beach, actually I'll buy a pair to my grandmother.m10m