Thursday, February 8, 2007

Check the Hottie: Fashion Week's Cat People

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Dubbed "The Cat People" by other Fashion Week Go-ers, two Romanian socialites that call themsevles "Elisabeta and Nicolae Petrescu" have caused mad frenzy from people speculating that they might be Sasha Baron Cohen's newest characters. Toting around a tabby and being followed by a personal violinist and a rose petal tossing lackey, the two have been bombarded by press. Why are they Prettylegit's picks for hotties? Uh, what's hotter than being linked to the blockbuster comedian, literarally having your own private monologuing soundtrack, and creating a hailstorm of chatter wherever you walk? International men of mystery or not, the cat people are definately on my list of people to watch during fashion week.

Pictures from Radar and Gawker


Anonymous said...

they're jordan berkow and clint johnson, wearing trovata's new line. sadly, not actually tied to sacha baron cohen...

Teenfashionista said...

Are you as obsessed as I am? I wanna date a boy named Nicolae who wear head to toe Trovata!

P.S. If you and I ever talked, I have a feeling we wouldn't stop for days -- it seems we have very similar adorations, yet are unique enough to keep things interesting!


Bethany said...

he's a cutie.