Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Channeling: OK Go

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I'm all about metamorphosis. Howevs, my favorite of all time has to belong to my favorite band, OK Go. When I first fell for the Go in the 7th grade, they were your typical beer-T and jeans band, but with a couple minor successes (duuudes, "You're So Damn Hot" was the theme song for The Real Spring Break), I guess that beerTandjeans didn't cut it anymore. Now, they look like pyschedelic nancy's, with crazy tie-broaches, paisleys, and trousers so tight you'd be able to tell what religion they are. Try it yourself by rocking (ha) blazers from boys' uniform stores and drape a longish scarf around your neck. For sure, you'll be OK to Go (oh my).

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