Sunday, January 21, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Lip Balms

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So I suffer from chronic lip chapness (yay), so I carry around a literal cache of lip treatments. Now, before you call me excessive, let me explain. Each one takes care of a different problem. Flaky, itchy, dry, or just in need for some shine, my lips are very particular when it comes to lip balms. I use C.O. Bigolow mentholated lip gloss, peppermint chapstick, Smith's Mint Lip Balm, and Philosophy lip glosses. My next purchase? Chicken poop chapstick, for when my lips are in need for some shitty humor (har har). Actually, just visit's boutique to get yourself a "I've got chicken poop on my lips" bumper sticker and a bar of soap with a suspended tube of chicken poop.

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