Thursday, January 4, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Ex Libris Anonymous

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It seems like the vogue thing to do now is to nod back to the past. We're seeing old school gold chains on our most fashionable it girls (Cory Kennedy), the resurrection of tragically janky denim brands (Jordache, Wrangler) and if we take this trend to an extreme, the embracing of those delicate lace-up heels and frilly Versaille-ish dresses that make Mozart blush with glee. So what does that mean for bloggers like me? It might seem like a modish thing to resort back to oldfashioned journaling. While I might not consider completing switching over, these handmade journals by Ex Libris Anonymous sure make it hard not to. Each one is made from an old library book and costs $13. And seriously, what's more old school than writing in a copy of Nancy Drew's the Haunted Clock?

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