Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Built By Wendy

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So it started with a really nice pair of jeans I found at Buffalo Exchange. They were half wool / half denim, really warm and nubby, kinda shiny, really badass. And I said, "Built by Wendy makes pretty bitchin' jeans" while I highkicked down the street in my new pants. But after checking out her entire website, I can say with some conviction that her entire line is pretty bitchin'. Take a look, it's absolutely everything you'd ever want to wear: grandpa chic layers, punchily obnoxious silks, vampire teeth jewelry? The only downside is that her things are kind of pricey. But really, I can skip a few (dozen) lattes to save for that penguin shirt. I mean really. It's a penguin shirt. How could you say no?

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