Friday, January 12, 2007

Mad Delusions: Shopping Spree for Anthropologie Shoes

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It's not often that you find that perfect pair of flats. You know, that pair with the perfect toe shape, the perfect jeweled tone fabric and enough room to give you that hint of toe cleavage. It's too bad that more stores don't take a hint from Anthropologie and only stock perfect shoes. It's just that if I were to purchase the twenty shoes featured above, I'd have to drop out of school, win the lottery, and then marry rich. Any takers?


Dior Baby said...

I know the feeling! Everytime I find some cute flats, my feet are too wide or they look like flippers on me. The Anthropologie ones are gorgeous but a) I don't have that money to spend on shoes and b) I doubt that they ship overseas...

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