Thursday, January 11, 2007

Inspired By: Sweaters, Ballers and Chiefers

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Dazed and Confused - I'm always pretty much in love with the Junior High boys' duds. Striped pants, tucked in polos, adidas, brown boots, etc etc etc.

Cory Kennedy - I know, I know, she's every fashionista's style icon, but I think this high schooler could probably be our generation's Edie. Awkward, lanky and puddin'faced, Cory's LA athlete/hipster vibe has gotten me excited about grunge again.

Dad in a Sweater - I found this on the computer downstairs and I've got it tacked on my closet wall. Thick glasses, nubby sweaters, and that great bike? Who knew my dad was so fashion forward?

Anorexic Richie - I love this yellow tube dress and feathered vest. I could do without the pokey ribs though.

Wallpaper patterns - Naked & Angry has the best wall dressings around (and in gif format to dress up your computers).

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Anonymous said...

No offense, and this is going to scar you for life, but your dad seriously had it going on when he was younger |D