Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Inspired By: Poppies, Brunettes and Satins

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Lucite Jewelry - So cheap, so tacky, yet sooo something I want hanging off my body.

am-lul - Internet personality from England. She's like a more refined Cory whose style is so bomb that I should probably just give up now.

Sating Dresses - I'm usually a fan of anything who won't love me back (kitties, bad boys, etc), so it's not surprising that my favorite fabric for dresses is satin. It's hard to pull off, but if you wear it right, it could kill.

Poppies - Muh, so pretty. Poppies usually grow over death, so it's kind of become my New-Year's-let's-get'-out-of-the-winter-doldrums-and-look-forward-to-spring kind of thing.

Bling - When am I not in love with Bling?

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