Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Currently Obsessed With: Pendant Necklaces

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I wear this little cameo that I got in Pompeii every day. It's the size of my pinky fingernail and it has an ivory bust of Helen on a black background (of which I was informed many many times that "itza real-uh, Pompeii fire glass-uh!"). Usually I wear it alone, but lately I've been layering more pendant necklaces over them. It's pretty badass to mix cutesy with ballsy - like a little flower pendant with a black bakelite satellite necklace? Try it yourself with these from Tatty Devine and This Charming Girl.


Julia said...
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balu said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! I like the Pendant Necklaces, myself; they give the Necklaces a more “filled-in” and finished look.

Anonymous said...

I thought that black one was a ceiling fan. It is, isn't it?