Friday, January 19, 2007

Current Threads: Adventures in SF

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It's 57 degrees, sunny as fuck, and the best weather to host an afternoon of shenannagenry and adventure. Lau Lau, Eyal, Katie, Tee and I are taking a jaunt to SF before a night of watching amateur boxing and destroying our livers. SF is a bit chillier than Berkeley so the jacket is a must, and the loafers are perfect for going up and down (and up and down) those SF hills. Not pictured: switchblade comb.

Luella for Target Blazer
Lacoste polo
Express skirt
Cherokee loafers


Bekah said...

o my connie, you are going to look so cute tonight! i wouldnt suggest that outfit for oakland though. I love the jacket!

Laura said...

you spelled eyal's name wrong

Maddy said...

I'm digging your Luella jacket. It looks like Ben Sherman, but in patriotic colors.