Friday, January 12, 2007

Channeling: Arctic Conditions

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I knew it was going to be cold today, but I didn't know that cold meant that my hair would freeze while driving to Caribou coffee, and the little body heat that my 5'2" frame gives off would cause the windows to freeze over with an opaque layer of ice. The best part of the day was stepping out of the heated coffee bar and feeling the snot freeze right. up. my. nose. Ouch. I went straight home and put on some long johns, a cashmere sweater, and my favorite pair of fingerless mittens (or what I fondly call, tranvestite gloves). So, to all of you nordic readers, I feel for you. Trek on, there's only...fourish months of winter left?

Sweater: Delias ($28.50)
Mittens: Delias ($19.50)
Jacket: Delias ($54)
Boots: Steve Madden ($70)

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