Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Current Threads: I Wish no.1

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So, today my outfit kind of sucks. Blame it on the faulty alarm clock that didn't wake me up, the cleaning ladies who roped off the bathroom, or just the fact that all my clothes are dirty, but I ended up wearing something preeeety awful. So, to cheer myself up, I dove into an hour of online window shopping. This is what I would have worn if I could.

Shoes: Delman ($98)
Cameo Sweater: Delias ($32.50)
Earrings: FredFlare ($10)
Skinnies: Cheap Monday ($28.57)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Current Threads: Nap Time on Memorial Glade

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When it comes to sleep, I am the most self-indulgent person on the face of the planet. I plan my days around naptimes, catnaps, and little jaunts off to the land of Nod. My favorite place to catch a snooze on campus is on Memorial Glade. I lay out my pashmina, fold my Poli Sci reader over my face and doze off for an hour or two (or three). I'm also rocking the wide legged trousers for the first time, and I have to say, I'm kind of liking them. Does that mean I'm packing up all my skinnies? I don't know yet...let me sleep on it ;)

Blue Target Polo
Vintage cardigan
Target wide-legged trousers
American Eagle platforms
Shark pendant necklace
Forever 21 apple pendant

Really Obsessed With: LBD's

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Yeah, yeah, imagine a fashion blog writing about LBD's - how original, waawaaaaaa, whatever. But lately, with the influx of crazy colored patterns up the wazoo dresses that are coming into my possession, I've had a hankering for the plain Jane little black dress. Make sure your dresses have longevity by looking for ones that drape just right. Stand out with an outrageous neckline or little details (like those sick buttons).

Channeling: Lau Lau Fatty

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Ms. Lau Lau and I are share a love of boys' polos, correct punctuation, and headscarves. But however similar we are, Fatty's style is all her own. Grey whales, stripes, dinosaurs, and cloth flats---Lau Lau gets boho/little-boy/proletariat-chic down pat. Though you might not know her, you can always take a page from her book, yaddadimean?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Purchased: Square Toed Flats

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So I read somewhere that square toes are coming back, but I don't need some glossy telling me that these shoes are the shit, because, well, I can tell for myself. Buy some because a) you will stick out in a sea of roundies. b) They are super shiny, cute as hell, and pretty practical. c) These shoes are perfect for dressing up a blah outfit. And d) They show the perfect amount of cleavage (toe, that is) and end at just the right height in the back. Well done, Kate Spade. Well done.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Prep the Themester: Arctic Chill

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While I don't understand why anyone would want to throw an Arctic party in California (as a Minnesotan, being unnecessarily cold makes no sense). But, when in Rome...I guess. Although, I do finally get to wear my huge furry ear flap hat with the pom poms. Don't dress to arcticy, otherwise you're going to be a dripping ball of sweat, and no one wants to dance up on that. Just think fur accents, lots of shimmery white and maybe a snow cone, or two. Bring your husky, if you can.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check the Hottie: am_lul

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No words, just look. I. Want. Her. Clothes.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Inspired By: Poppies, Brunettes and Satins

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Lucite Jewelry - So cheap, so tacky, yet sooo something I want hanging off my body.

am-lul - Internet personality from England. She's like a more refined Cory whose style is so bomb that I should probably just give up now.

Sating Dresses - I'm usually a fan of anything who won't love me back (kitties, bad boys, etc), so it's not surprising that my favorite fabric for dresses is satin. It's hard to pull off, but if you wear it right, it could kill.

Poppies - Muh, so pretty. Poppies usually grow over death, so it's kind of become my New-Year's-let's-get'-out-of-the-winter-doldrums-and-look-forward-to-spring kind of thing.

Bling - When am I not in love with Bling?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Channeling: Lisa Frank

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Riding BART yesturday, I saw an incredibly swol thug stading by himself and clutching one of those velvet Lisa Frank coloring posters. And I thought, "hey, if Mr. Gansta can, I can too". There's also that whole raver sentiment that's all over the runways, so I'm especially inclined to dig out my old overalls and multicolored thermals and do Ms. Frank proud.

Overalls - Old Navy ($19.49)
Hoodie - Delias ($44.50)
Leopard print sweatshirt - Delias ($48.50)
Adidas Shoes - Zappos ($79.99)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Currently Obsessed With: Poketo Wallets

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My green wallet is falling apart (but I guess I couldn't have expected fake Target alligator skin to stay together for very long). But down Telegraph, there's this store that carries Poketo wallets. Designed by a network of international artists, Poketo wallets are cheap, slim, and freakin' one of a kind. Buy one at a time at specialty stores, or get a pack of four for fity dollars. You don't get a say in which kind you'll get sent, but hell, what's style without a little mystery?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Lip Balms

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So I suffer from chronic lip chapness (yay), so I carry around a literal cache of lip treatments. Now, before you call me excessive, let me explain. Each one takes care of a different problem. Flaky, itchy, dry, or just in need for some shine, my lips are very particular when it comes to lip balms. I use C.O. Bigolow mentholated lip gloss, peppermint chapstick, Smith's Mint Lip Balm, and Philosophy lip glosses. My next purchase? Chicken poop chapstick, for when my lips are in need for some shitty humor (har har). Actually, just visit's boutique to get yourself a "I've got chicken poop on my lips" bumper sticker and a bar of soap with a suspended tube of chicken poop.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Current Threads: Adventures in SF

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It's 57 degrees, sunny as fuck, and the best weather to host an afternoon of shenannagenry and adventure. Lau Lau, Eyal, Katie, Tee and I are taking a jaunt to SF before a night of watching amateur boxing and destroying our livers. SF is a bit chillier than Berkeley so the jacket is a must, and the loafers are perfect for going up and down (and up and down) those SF hills. Not pictured: switchblade comb.

Luella for Target Blazer
Lacoste polo
Express skirt
Cherokee loafers

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Channeling: Happy Happy Man

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We here at UC Berkeley have the Campanile, the Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Blondie's pizza and that Mary Poppins house. However, the most iconic instituion here may just have to be the friendliest crazy you will ever meet: Happy Happy Man. He stands at the entrance of Berkeley with a big posterboard and a bigger toothless smile. "Happy Happy! You happy?!" he'll ask the passing students. Occasionaly, during seasonal months he'll mix it up with a "Happy Happy Holidays!" and a "Happy HO ho!" Take a cue from HHM and dress in your own long linen shirt, fuzzy mocassins and plastic rimmed shades.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Currently Obsessed With: Pendant Necklaces

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I wear this little cameo that I got in Pompeii every day. It's the size of my pinky fingernail and it has an ivory bust of Helen on a black background (of which I was informed many many times that "itza real-uh, Pompeii fire glass-uh!"). Usually I wear it alone, but lately I've been layering more pendant necklaces over them. It's pretty badass to mix cutesy with ballsy - like a little flower pendant with a black bakelite satellite necklace? Try it yourself with these from Tatty Devine and This Charming Girl.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fresh Junk: School Bags

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I considered taking my gigantic Swiss Army backpack to my first day of classes (I had to buy three hundred dollars worth of books and readers), but looking out my dorm window, I saw a sea of Northfaces and Jansports. I decided to take my trusty yellow luggage bag that fits absolutely everything, but after shoving in my third three-inch thick reader, the poor thing couldn't handle it anymore and the strap ripped. I know I shouldn't be shopping for another bag, but it's hard not to when there's so many hot ones out right now.

Yellow Lacoste Messenger: $120
Striped Lacoste Tote: $125
Marc by MJ tote: $268
Urban Outfitters oversized bag: $78
Puma carryall: $50

Monday, January 15, 2007

Check the Hotties: Golden Globes

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So I am basically in love with Isla Fisher's navy gown with the pockets, though I haven't been able to find another picture, I expect that the front is just as hot as the back. The rest were close seconds (and thirds and fourths?). Oh, and someone tell me how did I not know that Sasha Baren Cohen was so bangin'? And Milo V-something or another? Did I hear hottie? Yeah. I think I did.

Fresh Junk: Red Jeans

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No one's sported red jeans since, hell, who knows when. However, I passed by the Telegraph American Apparel this morning and saw a lovely looking model sporting a pair of red pants - a light twill, slim fit, low waist. If done right, red jeans can look fresh rather than frumpy. Take a cue from Cory who wears hers with a tucked in black tee and layers of gold chains that'd make Run DMC drool with jealousy.

Pants: Urban Outfitters ($59.00)
Shirt: Old Navy ($10.50)
Necklaces: Urban Outiftters ($29.99)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Extra Baggage: Flying on a Jet Plane

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Extra security has necessitated that I bring only the essentials. For my four hour flight back to the Bay Area, I edited down the usual mess of kitsch and junk. Here's what I ended up with: fur ear-flap hat (with pompoms!), pashmina, laptop, Nylon, Benefit coverup kit, Moleskine, David Rakoff essays, iPod, Gummy candies, Visine, and a tin of asprin.

PS: Since my change in locale (and incidentally, in carpet), I'm going to be switching up some font coloring. Just a heads up, so, you know, your eyes can adjust?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mad Delusions: Shopping Spree for Anthropologie Shoes

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It's not often that you find that perfect pair of flats. You know, that pair with the perfect toe shape, the perfect jeweled tone fabric and enough room to give you that hint of toe cleavage. It's too bad that more stores don't take a hint from Anthropologie and only stock perfect shoes. It's just that if I were to purchase the twenty shoes featured above, I'd have to drop out of school, win the lottery, and then marry rich. Any takers?

Channeling: Arctic Conditions

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I knew it was going to be cold today, but I didn't know that cold meant that my hair would freeze while driving to Caribou coffee, and the little body heat that my 5'2" frame gives off would cause the windows to freeze over with an opaque layer of ice. The best part of the day was stepping out of the heated coffee bar and feeling the snot freeze right. up. my. nose. Ouch. I went straight home and put on some long johns, a cashmere sweater, and my favorite pair of fingerless mittens (or what I fondly call, tranvestite gloves). So, to all of you nordic readers, I feel for you. Trek on, there's only...fourish months of winter left?

Sweater: Delias ($28.50)
Mittens: Delias ($19.50)
Jacket: Delias ($54)
Boots: Steve Madden ($70)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Inspired By: Sweaters, Ballers and Chiefers

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Dazed and Confused - I'm always pretty much in love with the Junior High boys' duds. Striped pants, tucked in polos, adidas, brown boots, etc etc etc.

Cory Kennedy - I know, I know, she's every fashionista's style icon, but I think this high schooler could probably be our generation's Edie. Awkward, lanky and puddin'faced, Cory's LA athlete/hipster vibe has gotten me excited about grunge again.

Dad in a Sweater - I found this on the computer downstairs and I've got it tacked on my closet wall. Thick glasses, nubby sweaters, and that great bike? Who knew my dad was so fashion forward?

Anorexic Richie - I love this yellow tube dress and feathered vest. I could do without the pokey ribs though.

Wallpaper patterns - Naked & Angry has the best wall dressings around (and in gif format to dress up your computers).

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Just Purchased: Marc Jacobs Gardenia

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I'm pretty much a sucker for anything limited edition. So, when I saw that Sephora was sponsering a whole slew of "limited edition" items (kill my bank account now), I had to go check them out. I ended up getting this Marc Jacobs Gardenia Bottle perfume which was created exclusively for Sephora. Why I love it? #1, the fatty flower on the front matches the decor of my room. #2, I've gotten more "Mmm, you smell good's" than I've ever gotten before. #3, It's feminine but not girly; classic but not boring; clean yet musty.

Current Threads: Dinner with Lil' J

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Lil 'J is my favorite broad from the west side (of the midwest, that is), and I needed to wear something cute to take her out for a nice Italian dinner. The vintage red shift (that I found in my baby clothes, nonetheless---it used to be a dress) has enough room to hold my fat post-dinner belly, and the shoes add enough class to the t-shirt and jeans to stop us from getting thrown out from the restaurant (hell, if we get tossed, it's going to be our raunchy conversations that does it, not our duds).

Vintage silk shift
American Apparel tee
Express skinnies
Vintage ankle boots

Monday, January 8, 2007

Mad Delusions: Designer Water

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So this morning, I'm looking for a water bottle to bring to work, and the only container I could find was this bottle of Voss water that I had bought in NY on a whim. It was made of glass which made it impossible to throw around, and it had an awkward screw top which made it impossible to drink out of. It was also expensive, which made me more pissed off that I had bought it in the first place. And did this water taste any different from my trusty old Aquafina? Uh, no. Wait..., Not at all. Designer waters may be pretty to look at and pretty posh to carry around, but that's all they are. But sometimes, form comes over function - and if you're in the mood to be haute and hydrated, visit to buy a few liters for yourself.

Prep the Themester: Pirate

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I don't know what it is about pirate parties, but they seem to be a favorite among frats. Maybe it's an excuse for guys to draw on fake facial hair, or the opportunity to say "can I get you ladies a drink from the b-AARRGHH!" without getting slapped, but pirate parties are almost as ubiquitous during weekends as, you know, parties in general. To dress accordingly, wear lots of lace, leather, brocades and paisley. Tie a fringed scarf around your head, put in your favorite gold hoops, and hop into a pair of hot boots. Stick a fake parrot on your shoulder if you're feeling especially in the mood. Follow these steps, and hopefully, you'll be up to some p-ARRGH! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Channeling: Elizabeth Bennet

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It seems that in order to be a proper female, a love for shoes and a penchance for chocolate don't seem to be the qualifying characteristics. Rather, a love, nay, passion for Pride and Prejudice is a requirement. And for us literate ones, Elizabeth Bennet may be the paragon of all protagonists. Snarky, witty and unbelievable seductive, Lizzy may have the perfect style to help us catch our own Darcy's.

Top: Delias ($34.50)
Necklace: TopShop ($10)
Boots: Urban Outfitters ($150)
Scarf: TopShop ($10)

Really Obsessed With: The Perfect T-Shirt

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I've had this grey American Apparel shirt since forever, and at the moment, it's at that perfect place where it's paper thin soft, but still thick enough to provide some warmth. It's cut perfectly at the armpits and is boxy enough where you don't look like a mallrat spitout, but slim enough to be sexy. Plus, American Apparel is sweatshop free and gives its employees $13/hour along with paid time off, healthcare, lunches. buss passes, classes, on-site masserus, and bikes. Plus, it uses sustainable organic cotton, recycles its scraps, and employs solar energy. ANNNDD, its CEO has a handlebar mustache (and we all know that handlebar mustaches are the shit---albeit apropos for a creepster like him).

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Mad Delusions: Carrie Weston's Kitchy Jewelry

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So I like to eat. A lot. So much so that people have been prone to hiding favorite foods from me because I WILL devour that bag of dried mangoes/can of pringles/extra naan before you have a chance to finish offering some for me. So when I stumbled across these pieces of jewelry from Carri Weston's line, I literally drooled. Like, really. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches? Her non-gastrinomical creations are equally as shwank. Too bad that most pieces are over a $100 - but considering that they're made from gold and silver (cheaper pieces are made from sterling) they're still affordable. I might have to retitle this "slightly pissed off delusions" (forgive me, it's been a long day).

Just Purchased: Espresso Machine

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The only thing that allows me to make it to Physics class in the morning is a large cup of a liquidy, sexy, wantonly delishy elixer that Peet's uncreatively calls a vanilla cafe latte. Ironically, my daily trip to Peets often results in my not making it to Physics: it's fairly often that I wait more than twenty minutes for a drink. I finally tried out the espresso machine that Santa sent, and I have to say that I will never be going to Peets again. After much practice (I have four more lattes left to drink damnit), I'm finally able to brew, foam and steam my coffee correctly. Now, I just have to find away to quell this caffeine OD that I'm experiencing. Oops?

Extra Baggage: Me

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As a bag lady in training, I pride myself on the ability to be able to remedy any situation. Like, for instance, when me and my crew find ourselves in desperate need for fruit snacks, I'm the first to say "dinosaur or disney princesses?" Luggage bags are perfect for pack rats like me. It fits: my fat wallet, a David Rakoff collection of essays, my moleskine, my cell phone, perfume, art pens and pencils, Orbit, Rosebud lip salve, Kleenex, fruit snacks, a video iPod (with headphones), an oragami fish that Adam's sister made for me, a cardigan and a headscarf.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Fresh Junk: Touseled Waves

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I'm a fat sucker for all things corny and melodramatic, so it's really a shame that the OC had to be canceled JUST when it was getting good. I mean, who thought Marissa's death could bring on episodes filled with comas, aliens, parallel universes and bunny liberation escapades! But something I'm really going to miss is Kaitlin Cooper's fantastic hair. I mean ohmygod, she's only fifteen and she has hair that could kill. I tried this look by twisting my hair into pigtail buns and spritzing them with curling balm and hairspray. I waited two hours before letting them free, but it all depends on how thick and malleable your hair is. After that? Finger style and just try to ward off all those men. Rawr!

Clockwise: September Vogue, Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper), Built by Wendy model

Current Threads: Visiting the Girls

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It's another two hours until I leave for St. Olaf to visit some of the girls before I head back to California. I've got my playlist set for the hour long car ride, my hair washed free from the lettuce wrap sauce I accidentally dumped on my head during work today, and my bags packed for a chill weekend. The look: casual, comfy and warm. The only bit of glam? I finally ballsed up to get to the Steve Madden store for those gold disco-ball slip ons (buuh, and they are sooo worth the $25).

H$M Pashnina
Vintage shirt
Blue Gap hoodie
Earnest Sewn jeans
Steve Madden slip ons

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Ex Libris Anonymous

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It seems like the vogue thing to do now is to nod back to the past. We're seeing old school gold chains on our most fashionable it girls (Cory Kennedy), the resurrection of tragically janky denim brands (Jordache, Wrangler) and if we take this trend to an extreme, the embracing of those delicate lace-up heels and frilly Versaille-ish dresses that make Mozart blush with glee. So what does that mean for bloggers like me? It might seem like a modish thing to resort back to oldfashioned journaling. While I might not consider completing switching over, these handmade journals by Ex Libris Anonymous sure make it hard not to. Each one is made from an old library book and costs $13. And seriously, what's more old school than writing in a copy of Nancy Drew's the Haunted Clock?

Channeling: Paul Bunyan

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During the breaks from school, I come back home to the best midwestern state. That's right, Minnesota---home of 10,000 lakes, the Mall of America, Prince...and the largest Paul Bunyan in the nation. Now, don't knock on Paul Bunyan, especially with the advent of flannel prints and DIY culture, I believe our favorite outdoorsman has become suddenly en vogue. Perfect to face the frigid MN winters, Bunny's style should make us all hankering to be his "Babe". Oh, boo (that was awful).

Shirt: Delias ($26.50)
Pocketknife: Overstock ($12.50)
Armwarmers: Delias ($14.50)
Necklace: Snapcrafty ($15.00)
Dress: Topshop (55 euros)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Current Threads: Going to the Dentist

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I haaaatttteee the dentist. There are few places that you can go to and be made to feel embarrassed about a body part you didn't even know existed ("you said my medrials were what, bitch?"). Having said that, I still go for two reasons. One, I rate personal hygene more important than an afternoon of uncomfort. Second, and more importantly, I have a hot dentist. My sweatervest keeps me warm in the refrigerated waiting room and I can stash my free toothbrush and floss in one of the many pockets of my purse. To top it off: my apple clock necklace---to show that I am serious about eating healthily---but mostly that I want to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

Vintage sweatervest
Gap cords
H&M purse
Forever 21 necklace

Prep the Themester: Hyphy

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Those out of the Bay area might be out of luck, but as a loyal short bus follower, I've been to many a hyphy party. Hyphy, to those out of the know, is defined by the new world's bible (aka, wikipedia) as distinguished by gritty, pounding rhythms, and in this sense can be associated with the San Francisco Bay Area as crunk music is in the South. So what does that mean for your getup? Think fashion oxymorons: fur vests and tiny bikinis. Fat puffy sneakers, and fishnets. A grill and your favorite costume jewelry. Basically, wear anything outrageously luxe and fab and you'll fit right into your next hyphy party---just don't forget to shake some dreads for your favorite blogger :)

Just Purchased: Ankle Boots

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I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have fallen on this bandwagon a little too late. Ankle boots were all over the Fall/Winter runways and every person and their mothers wore their booties out everywhere. But my boots are different, I swear. They've got that pointy toe, that lattice weavework, that skinny-ass heel? I wore them out to Yogurt Park for a late night snack and I did get a couple "Hey Mami!'s" on the way there. So final verdict? I approve---damnit, I approve of anything that can give me an ego boost.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Built By Wendy

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So it started with a really nice pair of jeans I found at Buffalo Exchange. They were half wool / half denim, really warm and nubby, kinda shiny, really badass. And I said, "Built by Wendy makes pretty bitchin' jeans" while I highkicked down the street in my new pants. But after checking out her entire website, I can say with some conviction that her entire line is pretty bitchin'. Take a look, it's absolutely everything you'd ever want to wear: grandpa chic layers, punchily obnoxious silks, vampire teeth jewelry? The only downside is that her things are kind of pricey. But really, I can skip a few (dozen) lattes to save for that penguin shirt. I mean really. It's a penguin shirt. How could you say no?

Really Obsessed With: Slip On's

<Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Maybe it's because I've been humming that song by the Pack for the past week (you know, "got my vans on but they look like sneakers"---buuh, what a good beat), or maybe my feet are getting way too cold in my ballet flats, but old skool slip on's are looking more and more appealing. Wear them with with skinny's or peeking from beneath wide legged jeans. Wear them with a dress for a more casual look, or with a mini when you want to show some leg, but, you know, when you don't want to show some leg if yaddadimean.

Clockwise from top right:
Ked's snakeskin skimmer: $44.99
Ked's Eleanor skimmers: $39.99
Urban Outfitter 80/20: $70.00
Steve Maddon: $25.00
BC Footwear floral: $35.00
BC Footwear chainreaction: $65.00

Mad Delusions: Marc Jacobs Leather Bags

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Like every other girl out there, I am majorly sweating Marc Jacobs purses. Why? They're oh-so-buttery-that-you-can't-stop-touching-them soft. They have enough hardwear to give you some street cred, but not enough to make you look like a Hell's Angel. Best of all? They're deceivingly sizable (and comfortably fits your wallet, car keys, cell phone, iPod, flask, ziplock of cookies, sunglasses, last years' receipts, and an extra pair of long underwear---don't ask). The only thing that's keeping me from buying one for every day of the week is that I don't have the income of a small nation to throw down. C'est la vie, right? Boo, I'll live.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Channeling: Ira Glass

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Uh, I have a little crush on This American Life's Ira Glass. Call me a nerd, but very few things make my heart pitter patter like the sound of Ira's voice over the airwaves on Sunday afternoons. For serious, Ira's cool journalism makes me want to drop out of school and work for public radio (almost). Let's all learn something from our favorite radio personality and dress down once in a while in our favorite flannel shirt and cords. Cute and comfortable? I can tune in to that.

Wayfarers: Knockoffs from OC Shades ($12.00)
Shirt: American Eagle ($29.50)
Cords: Delias ($39.50)
Sweater: Old Navy ($29.50)

Fresh Junk: Proenza Schouler for Target Go International

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Luella and Paul and Joe were all right, but Behnaz Sarafpour? Tara Jarmon? That one Firuwhatsit that no one remembers? Ho hum boringsauce. I was starting to lose faith in Target's Go Interational series, but sneak peeks from the newly announced Proenza Schouler is commanding my attention. Jewel toned separates, clingy sillhouettes, school-boy/crayola-secretary chic? I've never been more excited to sport a pointy boobed bustier before (and I'm not kidding, punk). You can expect that I'll be first in line at the El Cerito Target on February 1st.

Just Purchased: Falling in Love

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I have a tendency to drop a mad benji whenever I walk into Sephora, which has prompted me to steer clear of its glossy black doors for the past few months. But after trips to Target to mope around the sad makeup racks, I stopped by Sephora, you know, just for a peek. But I couldn't stave tradition: I promptly emptied my wallet on the cashier counter and asked for a trolly to get my purchases back to the car. In the booty, I picked up this gem of a fragrance. Sephora's website says it contains vanilla, jasmine, lily of the valley and blackberry notes---I think it makes me smell like I took a bath in liquid sugar. And for $15, who wouldn't want to smell like that?