Friday, December 5, 2008


This blog has been like a baby to me, but (obviously) Mommy has a serious case of blogging ADD, and decided to switch over to Tumblr. I'll keep this blog open for occasional product reviews and such, but the majority of my blogging will be done there. Catch you on the dark side!

Really Obsessed With: T Mobile G1 Phone


If there was an award given to the best phone destroyer, don't even think about competing with me. I have: dropped them in the toilet/sink/sewer/soup, lost them in a cab/Wisconsin/bookstore and have marred the screen, scuffed the case, broken the buttons and damaged the hardware to more phones than I can remember. Just after I lost my fourth phone of the year (seriously), Glam sent me the T Mobile G1 to test out for a month...and guys? I think I'm in love. It's a half touch screen with a keypad that flips out so wishy-washy types like me don't have to choose between iPhone minimalism, or Blackberry tactility. It's also got a slew of free applications, YouTube playing capabilities, sharp graphics, a sleek case, and this amazing amazing Guitar-heroish game that plays Rick Astley songs. Ack. So far, I've had the thing for three weeks and there's nary a scratch to be seen! Maybe true love does conquer all...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Old Navy Shades of Grey


I went through a phase in high school where everything I bought had to be in a bright color. And because of my limited budget and my limited shopping options, the majority of my clothes came from Old Navy. My tastes have changed significantly since then (thank god), but it seems that the mid-America favorite Old Navy's matured a bit too. After being sent a cute cardigan in the mail (thanks Old Navy!), I ended up making a trek to San Francisco outpost to check it out. And OH GOD! So many cute grey things! The blazer (oversized) would be awesome as a go-with-everything coverup and the pleated camisole would look sweet paired with high waisted pants and I could totally see myself wearing the loose tunic every single day. When I was there though, I did pick up the smock dress (which is a lovely crepey material) in a bright, bright yellow though. What can I say? Some things never change :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Priestess Clothing


It's funny how someone's style can drift so much in such a short amount of time. Last year around this time, I was all about the cutesy, matchy thrift-store look (wouldn't be caught dead in anything dark and twisted), and today, I've ALL about the sculptural, modern pieces that I eschewed not so long ago. Priestess' clothes are perfect for the here and now, and designer Cody Ross has basically perfected the architectural femme-fatale thing that I love so much. Alas, his show at Fashion Week is going to be when I'm still on the plane (September 4th--via Expose NY), but Cody promised me a dress-up play date! Expect lots of giddy pictures, lovely readers!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inspired By: Hedi Slimane's Diary


I'm a terrible photographer (which partially explains for the lack of outfit posts), so I really appreciate really good photographer. The new V Magazines are littered with Hedi Slimane's brilliant photography which prompted me to return to the man's online photo diary which I've left unread for way too long. And ack! Such brilliance! Make sure you browse through the ocular feast for yourself. Visit: here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fresh Junk: American Apparel Afrika Pring


Prints at American Apparel! The Afrika line consists of printed leggings (which are borderline Zubaz), a headband, a cute bandeau bra, and this tube dress. The black version is a bit more versatile than the red, but both are cute additions to your assumedly growing collection of body-con pieces. Bonus: they'd be perfect for upcoming fratty Jungle parties you know you're dying to head back to (look for more themed party posts soon!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

OMG Why: Melissa Clogs


It's no surprise that I'm generally a fan of pretty ugly things (I'm in the facebook group even! That's how you know I'm telling the truth!). So my first reaction upon seeing this plastic clog on the Melissa website was one of delight. "Lookit how shiny it is," I cooed. "It's so chunky! So modern! So sculptural!" Then I realized that no, despite it being all those things, it's still a black, plastic Dutch clog and even if you could wear it with a sackful of irony, you're still going to be wearing a clog. Case closed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fresh Junk: Topshop Platforms


While I generally agree that Forever21 is the Topshop of the United States, it really doesn't compare with our Euro friends when it comes to unique, fashion-forward designs. While Forever21 usually is a cheap carbon copy of runway favorites, Topshop's merchandise always has a bit of originality (although it's plenty inspired). Case in point: these shoes. You can totally see the Marni and Prada flavors, but it's not a total duplicate. Absolutely cannot wait for the Topshop store to open in NY this fall.